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Backup & Restore PostgreSQL Using Stash

KubeDB uses Stash to backup and restore databases. Stash by AppsCode is a cloud native data backup and recovery solution for Kubernetes workloads. Stash utilizes restic to securely backup stateful applications to any cloud or on-prem storage backends (for example, S3, GCS, Azure Blob storage, Minio, NetApp, Dell EMC etc.).

  KubeDB + Stash
Fig: Backup KubeDB Databases Using Stash

How to use Stash

In order to backup PostgreSQL database using Stash, follow the following steps:

  • Install Stash Enterprise: At first, you have to install Stash Enterprise Edition. Please, follow the steps from here.

  • Install PostgreSQL Addon: Then, you have to install PostgreSQL addon for Stash. Please, follow the steps from here.

  • Understand the Backup and Restore Flow: Now, you can read about how PostgreSQL backup and restore works in Stash from here.

  • Get Started: Finally, follow the step by step guideline to backup or restore your desired database version from here.