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Continuous Archiving with WAL-G

KubeDB supports continuous archiving of PostgreSQL WAL files using WAL-G . You can use s3, gcs, azure, swift, MinIO, or local storage to store the WAL files.

What is Continuous Archiving

PostgreSQL maintains a write ahead log (WAL) in the pg_xlog/ subdirectory of the cluster’s data directory. The existence of the log makes it possible to use a third strategy for backing up databases and if recovery is needed, restore from the backed-up WAL files to bring the system back to last known state.

To know more about continuous archiving, please refer to the ofiicial postgres document on this topic.

Continuous Archiving Setup

Following additional parameters are set in postgresql.conf for primary server

archive_command = 'wal-g wal-push %p'
archive_timeout = 60

List of supported Cloud Destination for PostgresVersion CRDs

Name Version S3 MinIO GCS Azure Swift Local
9.6-v2 9.6
9.6.7-v2 9.6.7
10.2-v2 10.2
10.6 10.6
11.1 11.1
9.6-v3 9.6
9.6.7-v3 9.6.7
10.2-v3 10.2
10.6-v1 10.6
11.1-v1 11.1
9.6-v4 9.6
9.6.7-v4 9.6.7
10.2-v4 10.2
10.6-v2 10.6
11.1-v2 11.1
11.2 11.2
9.6-v5 9.6
9.6.7-v5 9.6.7
10.2-v5 10.2
10.6-v3 10.6
11.1-v3 11.1
11.2-v1 11.2

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