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PgBouncer is an open-source, lightweight, single-binary connection-pooling middleware for PostgreSQL. PgBouncer maintains a pool of connections for each locally stored user-database pair. It is typically configured to hand out one of these connections to a new incoming client connection, and return it back in to the pool when the client disconnects. PgBouncer can manage one or more PostgreSQL databases on possibly different servers and serve clients over TCP and Unix domain sockets. For a more hands-on experience, see this brief tutorial on how to create a PgBouncer for PostgreSQL database.

KubeDB operator now comes bundled with PgBouncer crd to handle connection pooling. With connection pooling, clients connect to a proxy server which maintains a pool of direct connections to other real PostgreSQL servers. PgBouncer crd can handle multiple local or remote Postgres database connections across multiple users using PgBouncer’s connection pooling mechanism.

PgBouncer Features

Multiple PgBouncer Versions
Customizable Pooling Configuration
Custom docker images
Builtin Prometheus Discovery
Using Prometheus operator

User Guide