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What is ProxySQLAutoscaler

ProxySQLAutoscaler is a Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRD). It provides a declarative configuration for autoscaling ProxySQL compute resources and storage of database components in a Kubernetes native way.

ProxySQLAutoscaler CRD Specifications

Like any official Kubernetes resource, a ProxySQLAutoscaler has TypeMeta, ObjectMeta, Spec and Status sections.

Here, some sample ProxySQLAutoscaler CROs for autoscaling different components of database is given below:

Sample ProxySQLAutoscaler for ProxySQL:

kind: ProxySQLAutoscaler
  name: psops-autoscale
  namespace: demo
    name: sample-proxysql
      trigger: "On"
      podLifeTimeThreshold: 5m
        cpu: 250m
        memory: 350Mi
        cpu: 1
        memory: 1Gi
      controlledResources: ["cpu", "memory"]

Here, we are going to describe the various sections of a ProxySQLAutoscaler crd.

A ProxySQLAutoscaler object has the following fields in the spec section.


spec.proxyRef is a required field that point to the ProxySQL object for which the autoscaling will be performed. This field consists of the following sub-field:

  • : specifies the name of the ProxySQL object.


spec.compute specifies the autoscaling configuration for the compute resources i.e. cpu and memory of the proxysql components. This field consists of the following sub-field:

  • spec.compute.proxysql indicates the desired compute autoscaling configuration for a ProxySQL standalone or cluster.

All of them has the following sub-fields:

  • trigger indicates if compute autoscaling is enabled for this component of the database. If “On” then compute autoscaling is enabled. If “Off” then compute autoscaling is disabled.
  • minAllowed specifies the minimal amount of resources that will be recommended, default is no minimum.
  • maxAllowed specifies the maximum amount of resources that will be recommended, default is no maximum.
  • controlledResources specifies which type of compute resources (cpu and memory) are allowed for autoscaling. Allowed values are “cpu” and “memory”.
  • containerControlledValues specifies which resource values should be controlled. Allowed values are “RequestsAndLimits” and “RequestsOnly”.
  • resourceDiffPercentage specifies the minimum resource difference between recommended value and the current value in percentage. If the difference percentage is greater than this value than autoscaling will be triggered.
  • podLifeTimeThreshold specifies the minimum pod lifetime of at least one of the pods before triggering autoscaling.
  • InMemoryScalingThreshold the percentage of the Memory that will be passed as inMemorySizeGB for inmemory database engine, which is only available for the percona variant of the proxysql.