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Pgpool is a versatile proxy solution positioned between PostgreSQL servers and database clients. It offers essential functionalities such as Connection Pooling, Load Balancing, In-Memory Query Cache and many more. Pgpool enhances the performance, scalability, and reliability of PostgreSQL database systems.

KubeDB operator now comes bundled with Pgpool crd to manage all the essential features of Pgpool.

Supported Pgpool Features

Multiple Pgpool Versions
Custom Configuration
Externally manageable Auth Secret
Reconfigurable Health Checker
Integrate with externally managed PostgreSQL
Sync Postgres Users to Pgpool
Custom docker images
TLS: Add ( Cert Manager)
Monitoring with Prometheus & Grafana
Builtin Prometheus Discovery
Using Prometheus operator
Alert Dashboard
Grafana Dashboard

Supported Pgpool Versions

KubeDB supports the following Pgpool versions:

  • 4.4.5
  • 4.5.0

The listed PgpoolVersions are tested and provided as a part of the installation process (ie. catalog chart), but you are open to create your own PgpoolVersion object with your custom pgpool image.

Lifecycle of Pgpool Object


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