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RabbitMQ is a robust and flexible open-source message broker software that facilitates communication between distributed applications. It implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) standard, ensuring reliable messaging across various platforms and languages. With its support for multiple messaging protocols and delivery patterns, RabbitMQ enables seamless integration and scalability for modern microservices architectures. It provides features such as message persistence, clustering, and high availability, making it a preferred choice for handling asynchronous communication and decoupling components in enterprise systems.

Supported RabbitMQ Features

Authentication & Authorization
Custom Configuration
Monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana
Builtin Prometheus Discovery
Using Prometheus operator
Externally manageable Auth Secret
Reconfigurable Health Checker
Persistent volume
Dashboard ( Management UI )
Grafana Dashboards (Alerts and Monitoring)
Custom Plugin configurations
Pre-Enabled utility plugins ( Shovel, Federation )
Automatic Vertical Scaling
Automatic Volume Expansion
Autoscaling ( Compute resources & Storage )

Supported RabbitMQ Versions

KubeDB supports the following RabbitMQ Versions.

  • 3.12.12

Life Cycle of a RabbitMQ Object


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