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SingleStore, a distributed SQL database for real-time analytics, transactional workloads, and operational applications. With its in-memory processing and scalable architecture, SingleStore enables organizations to achieve high-performance and low-latency data processing across diverse data sets, making it ideal for modern data-intensive applications and analytical workflows.

Supported SingleStore Features

Authentication & Authorization
Initialize using Script (*.sql, *sql.gz and/or *.sh)
Backup/Recovery: Instant, Scheduled ( KubeStash)
Custom Configuration
Initializing from Snapshot ( KubeStash)
TLS: Add ( Cert Manager)
Monitoring with Prometheus & Grafana
Builtin Prometheus Discovery
Using Prometheus operator
Externally manageable Auth Secret
Reconfigurable Health Checker
Persistent volume
SingleStore Studio (UI)

Supported SingleStore Versions

KubeDB supports the following SingleSore Versions.

  • 8.1.32
  • 8.5.7

Life Cycle of a SingleStore Object


User Guide