Deploy & Manage Databases in Kubernetes Native Way

Deploy & Manage Databases in Kubernetes Native Way. KubeDB offers Native Kubernetes Support for managing databases on Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

$ helm repo add appscode
$ helm repo update
$ helm install kubedb appscode/kubedb \
  --version v2022.08.08 \
  --namespace kubedb --create-namespace \
  --set kubedb-provisioner.enabled=true \
  --set kubedb-ops-manager.enabled=true \
  --set kubedb-autoscaler.enabled=true \
  --set kubedb-dashboard.enabled=true \
  --set kubedb-schema-manager.enabled=true \
  --set-file global.license=/path/to/the/license.txt
Infrastructure as code

Infrastructure as code

KubeDB defines each supported database engine as a custom resource (CRD) for Kubernetes. You can use Kubernetes CLI or API to provision, manage, and interact with KubeDB database instances. This native integration with Kubernetes means your database instances are ready for any higher level deployment tooling like GitOps, Open Policy Agent (OPA), etc.

Hybrid and Multi-cloud

To run KubeDB, all you need is a Kubernetes cluster. So, you can run a production-grade database deployment in your desktop via minikube to hybrid and multi-cloud environments against a single consistent interface. KubeDB follows the official deprecation policy for Kubernetes so that your database instances always keep pace with the latest security and maintenance updates.

Hybrid and Multi-cloud
Single Stack for Stateless and Stateful Workloads

Single Stack for Stateless and Stateful Workloads

KubeDB enables enterprises to maintain one stack for their stateless and stateful workloads. This means your developer and operations team don’t have to learn, maintain and manage separate stack for deployments, monitoring, logging and alert management. KubeDB allows you to use the same workflow across public and private clouds and avoid vendor lock-in. KubeDB makes your engineering teams agile so that they can focus on delivering the best value for your customers and users.

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Run and Manage your Database on Kubernetes FREE !

KubeDB community edition is FREE to use on any supported Kubernetes engines. You can deploy and manage your database in Kubernetes using KubeDB. There is no up-front investment required. We offer a 30 days license FREE of cost to try KubeDB Enterprise edition.